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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Forest Grove NewsTimes and Link Provided by Blog Visitor

Thanks to Christian Gaston @ the Forest Grove NewsTimes for giving me the opportunity to get my blog out there! Front page no less. Thanks.

And thanks to the 'Anonymous' someone who posted a link along with his comment...

It's a story in the NY POST about a gentleman who went "undercover" applying + working for Wal-Mart and discovering all it's cracked up to be, from his perspective.

Some of my favorite excerpts:

"This a company that is helping families ride out the economic downturn, which is providing jobs and stimulus while Congress bickers."

'Imagine that you are young and relatively unskilled, lacking academic qualifications. Which would you prefer: standing behind the register at a local gas station, or doing the same thing in the most aggressively successful retailer in the world, where ruthless expansion is a way of life, creating a constant demand for people to fill low-level managerial positions? A future at Wal-Mart may sound a less-than-stellar prospect, but it's a whole lot better than no future at all."

" Coworkers assured me that the nearest Target paid its hourly full-timers less than Wal-Mart, while fast-food franchises were at the bottom of everyone's list."

"Low wages are not a Wal-Mart problem. They are an industry-wide problem, afflicting all unskilled entry-level jobs."

Monday, February 9, 2009

City Manager feedback of my Blog

I received feedback from non-other than Cornelius's City Manager Dave Waffle, himself! I'd solicited feedback from the city as to the content of my site.

In Mr. Waffle's email response he shared that "[Cornelius is] expecting Wal-Mart's developer to drop off the construction plans any day now." He also added, "Of course we've expected that for many monthes also."

Commentary: From what I've read, I think the developer is PACLand, apparently the 'go to' construction firm for Wal-Mart in the PacNW.

I'd previously posted that the Cornelius Wal-Mart was proposed to be 204,000 sq.ft...initially I believe it was. Since then the plans have been reduced down to 154,000+. Something about having to change from a storm water detention system, to surface-runoff system with a natural system [which takes up planned surface area].

Reference: "Wal-Mart scales back Cornelius store plans" Feb 11, 2008

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Example of the "Road to Wal-Mart"

Title: "Ready for Wal-Mart" Portland Business Journal, July 27, 2007

Summary: Essentially what the article reports on a business owner's risk of converting the former Hank's Thriftway into a Grande Food, Hispanic Foods Market. Interesting because part of it describes his having to adapt to the "Mexican calendar", strategically caring items that his "new customer" base would like. It's a great story, showing the genius behind how business can be versatile and corner a market that Wal-Mart may or may not tap when they come in.

Commentary: It's pretty cool that this business owner had the foresight, looking ahead 2-3 years, establishing a new customer base, knowing 40% percent of Cornelius residents are Hispanic, and 80% of Hispanics in Oregon being Mexican. Maybe forming a loyal customer base will work to his advantage, or Wal-Mart may just learn to cater to them as well.

Great Links

Title: Wal-Mart will help Cornelius ‘address its image’ Sep 19, 2007

Bonus: Photo of Dave Waffle, Cornelius City Manager - I think highly of this man's work for our city. I belive he's a bright man and really cares about the planning and ongoings of the city, doing the most he can with the limited funds from the heavily taxed residential base. I also like to find out what's happening from his regular bulletin, cleverly named "Hot Off the Griddle". Here's a snapshot for a recent "Cornelius Gazette".

Title: "Wal-Mart back on track in Cornelius" Jan 28, 2009

When is the Grand Opening? Whose all coming?

Sept 11, 2006 - Go ahead for Walmart - "204,000 sq. ft" - 1st store in Washington County Oregon. Construction is expected to take 9 to 11 months. Following that, the hiring process would take another three months, putting a grand opening about a year and a half away from the time they break ground.

Brief: That would put current estimates from March 2009 -> September 2010 GRAND OPENING. Assuming Wal-Mart breaks ground in March and the 1 1/2 year estimate above is accurate.

Commentary: After the City of Hillsboro* & Beaverton* both said NO, Cornelius said YES, Please!. I guess the rest of Washington County (Forest Grove*, Sherwood, Tigard, Tualatin, North Plains*, Banks*, Durham, Gaston*, and King City) just weren't appealing to Wal-Mart strategically, because as far as I know development hasn't been proposed there. Nevertheless, I think Wal-Mart will draw from the customer base they're likely targetting, the gold-mine of Hillsboro, Beaverton, and Forest Grove residents. In addition I think people on average of 8 miles or 15 minute drive away from Cornelius, will shop at Wal-Mart. My thought is Beavertonians will refuse the commute and instead continue to bargain hunt at their myriad of shopping malls within reach..K-Mart, Target, WinCo, Cedar Hills crossing, Tanasbourne, and the occasion Washington Square. Of course, the same goes for anyone S/E of them - Sherwood, Tigard, Tualatin, Durham, and King City.

* In my opinion, the most likely residents from which city they'll commute.


Oregonian - Washington County section

Washington County, Oregon Wikipedia,_Oregon

Current Status as of Feb 2009

Search: wal-mart or walmart "cornelius", yields 140,000 results.

Here are the relevant links:

Caption reads: Wal-Mart Alters Design Details; Closer To Breaking Ground on New Supercenter


"We know that residents in Cornelius and throughout Washington County eagerly await the store’s opening, and we’re committed to making that happen as quickly as possible”, said Wal-Mart spokesperson Jennifer Spall. The public will see demolition of vacant homes on the site shortly. Wal-Mart has joined the Cornelius Chamber of Commerce in anticipation of being a part of the local community.


The vacant homes have since been demolished and leveled. A total of 8 homes, it looks like. All that remains are the landscape and piles of trash and belongings. In addition to grass lands there's piles of gravel to walk on. It was a little sad to walk on really, seeing as it once was the footprint of several family's homes. I was especially touched when I walked into someone's previous garden, of which the mini-plastic fencing was still in place. Well these are the sacrifices other make to make way for growth, expansion, and hopeful prosparity.

Welcome to my 1st Blog

Hi there,

I'd like to welcome you to my blog - and to Cornelius, OR. I have been a resident (and taxpayer) of Cornelius, OR since Summer 2006, when I purchased my home here. I am 27 years old, and originally a transplant from South Florida. I work at Intel in Hillsboro.

The purpose of this blog is to publish current status and commentary on local neighborhoods, businesses and maintenance/development in Cornelius, within walking distance of my home. The reasons for this blog are: I want to know what I have near-by, I'd like share my view with others, and I look forward to intelligent exchanges of ideas and other perspectives.

My main focus is on the growth of Cornelius as a prosperous city. I'd like to see 1.) Reduction/Elimination of Graffiti/Vandalisms/Crime. 2.) Clean streets 3.) Properly Maintained Local Streets 4.) Successful Local Business environment.

That being said...In my opinion, all of the above items can be achieved with 2 things: 1.) Local residents involvement 2.) City's help (provided Tax-payer base)

One topic that has stirred much contrevasy is the planning on a Wal-Mart coming into town. I predict this will mark a "turning point" in Cornelius's future with BIG change, beyond the usual traffic concerns. Wal-Mart will join the likes of Starbucks, Walgreens and good'ol Fred Meyer in playing the role of attracting more customers into local businesses. I haves hopes and am already seeing signs of a better tomorrow for Cornelius, it's residents and its businesses. That being said, I'd also like to use this blog to comment on public as well as private development like Wal-Mart, such as Cornelius's MAIN STREET project revamp. Please enjoy my content, commentary, and please feel free to take part by writing me some feedback.