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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Welcome to my 1st Blog

Hi there,

I'd like to welcome you to my blog - and to Cornelius, OR. I have been a resident (and taxpayer) of Cornelius, OR since Summer 2006, when I purchased my home here. I am 27 years old, and originally a transplant from South Florida. I work at Intel in Hillsboro.

The purpose of this blog is to publish current status and commentary on local neighborhoods, businesses and maintenance/development in Cornelius, within walking distance of my home. The reasons for this blog are: I want to know what I have near-by, I'd like share my view with others, and I look forward to intelligent exchanges of ideas and other perspectives.

My main focus is on the growth of Cornelius as a prosperous city. I'd like to see 1.) Reduction/Elimination of Graffiti/Vandalisms/Crime. 2.) Clean streets 3.) Properly Maintained Local Streets 4.) Successful Local Business environment.

That being said...In my opinion, all of the above items can be achieved with 2 things: 1.) Local residents involvement 2.) City's help (provided Tax-payer base)

One topic that has stirred much contrevasy is the planning on a Wal-Mart coming into town. I predict this will mark a "turning point" in Cornelius's future with BIG change, beyond the usual traffic concerns. Wal-Mart will join the likes of Starbucks, Walgreens and good'ol Fred Meyer in playing the role of attracting more customers into local businesses. I haves hopes and am already seeing signs of a better tomorrow for Cornelius, it's residents and its businesses. That being said, I'd also like to use this blog to comment on public as well as private development like Wal-Mart, such as Cornelius's MAIN STREET project revamp. Please enjoy my content, commentary, and please feel free to take part by writing me some feedback.

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