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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Forest Grove NewsTimes and Link Provided by Blog Visitor

Thanks to Christian Gaston @ the Forest Grove NewsTimes for giving me the opportunity to get my blog out there! Front page no less. Thanks.

And thanks to the 'Anonymous' someone who posted a link along with his comment...

It's a story in the NY POST about a gentleman who went "undercover" applying + working for Wal-Mart and discovering all it's cracked up to be, from his perspective.

Some of my favorite excerpts:

"This a company that is helping families ride out the economic downturn, which is providing jobs and stimulus while Congress bickers."

'Imagine that you are young and relatively unskilled, lacking academic qualifications. Which would you prefer: standing behind the register at a local gas station, or doing the same thing in the most aggressively successful retailer in the world, where ruthless expansion is a way of life, creating a constant demand for people to fill low-level managerial positions? A future at Wal-Mart may sound a less-than-stellar prospect, but it's a whole lot better than no future at all."

" Coworkers assured me that the nearest Target paid its hourly full-timers less than Wal-Mart, while fast-food franchises were at the bottom of everyone's list."

"Low wages are not a Wal-Mart problem. They are an industry-wide problem, afflicting all unskilled entry-level jobs."


  1. Thank goodness someone is finally providing a forum for concerned residents to discuss this important topic. I hope more major news outlets pick up on this!

  2. You got some really good publicity in the Forest Grove Times. I think this will become a popular site. Good idea.

  3. I'm now checking regularly and very excite about the coming of WalMart to Western Washington County!


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