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Friday, July 16, 2010

Oregonian Article on Cornelius Renovations...

Key Points, summary: "Cornelius had only ditches where most cities have sidewalks. That's not true anymore. Next week, city leaders will unveil a design plan for improving West Baseline Street, the eastbound portion of Tualatin Valley Highway. This will hopefully lead Metro councilors to name downtown Cornelius a "town center" -- a designation that brings greater clout for transportation projects. Residents say the change is transformative, proof that Cornelius can be better. Cornelius is starting to look like a new town. Richard Meyer, the city's development and operations manager, says "Before, a lot of people really didn't expect much from Cornelius. This is nothing short of transformational."

Cornelius Week Ends Today :(

Simon and Jolynn visit Cornelius on the last day of Cornelius Week. Thanks for coming by guys.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Door to Door Security System Salesmen - BEWARE!

Be on the lookout for Salesmen with "Platinum Protection". College aged guys (2) teaming up to instill fear and sell you on Home Protection. Free Equipment. Wait...they're not "Salesmen"...they're Marketing or Advertising. "All you guys would ever pay for is the connection to dispatch".

They're trying to sell you on a 3-5 year contact for $40-50/month. RESIDENTS BEWARE!

Alarm company’s sales practices raise concerns for customers, officials

Platinum Protection - News Report

Cornelius Week - KUPL 98.7FM - Spotlight

Lisa, who works the front-desk at the station of KUPL has the sweetest voice...she was here in Cornelius this week interviewing people at the local Starbucks. KUPL will be in town again today as a matter of fact, I'll see if I can't catch them.

I was listening this morning and heard about a Graffiti Abatement program in Portland here: It'd be nice if Cornelius had a similar program that would actively seek out graffiti and clean it up.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Simon in the Morning - July 13th - Embrace your Geekness Day & Cornelius Week with ME

This editting took FOREVER!
It's a series of clips from my time @ KUPL Downtown with Simon/Jolynn.
I was in the studio from 6AM-9AM.
Cornelius Week & "Embrace your Geekness Day". Enjoy!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Listen in and Participate - KUPL 98.7FM - Hosts segment for "Cornelius Week"

Please visit KUPL and add your comments, this week they're kicking off their 'Hometown Salute series'. They want to know why we Love Cornelius. Please participate, this should be fun, and a great source of pride for our community.

Interview of Mayor Bill Bash, Monday July 12, 2010 - 7AM
Simon in the Morning - KUPL 98.7 FM

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hot Off the Griddle - "Brief" of the Brief

Message from City Manager Dave Waffle's Distribution:

It’s another bright sunny day in Cornelius. Hope you had a great weekend.

A couple of upcoming events:

National Night Out Tuesday, August 3rd, 6-8 p.m. at Harleman Park

Cornelius Farmer’s Marketevery Friday, 4-8 pm at Grande Foods

City Council worksessionMonday July 19th: UGB expansion, Baseline/10th Avenue preliminary design discussion and memorials for mayors

Dave Waffle, City Manager

City of Cornelius, OR


A few things to note:
  • Walmart Trucks WILL START ARRIVING!!! Product to stock the shelves! Be on the look-out for them. They haven't officially announced the Grand Opening, but rumor is August 18th. What time exactly is still TBD.
  • Construction by Kerr Contactors is underway at 12-13-14th Avenues.
  • The Cornelius Library hit and all-time record for Checkouts! Glad to see our library is getting a lot of use.
  • Talks about the realities of Traffic congestion as a result of Walmart are being reiterated. Duh! :)
  • Online Utility Payments are at a Whopping 157 customers? What the heck? That # should be a whole lot more people.
  • Lastly, TUNE INTO KUPL (98.7 FM). This week is dedicated to Cornelius. "HOMETOWN SALUTE" series. July 12th-16th. "Listen to 98.7 KUPL to hear all the great things about Cornelius this week! Log on to or call KUPL Studio 503-733-5000 and tell us why you love Cornelius!"