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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Radio Talk Show Host Editorial on Cornelius/Walmart Aspirations & Beyond
Time for a Gulp of Wal-Mart Love Potion by Jayne Carroll

Jayne does a great job asking open-ended questions for a political discussion in her editorial today. I'm flattered with her take on it to be honest.

Excerpts/condensed version...

"What a difference a bad economy makes."... "the good folks [of Cornelius] are downright euphoric over [Wal-Mart]." "Not only will Wal-Mart deliver 300 needed new local jobs and millions for street improvements, many Cornelius residents believe the retail giant is the precise economic shot in the arm they desperately need. " "[Most] in Cornelius can't wait until the new megastore opens its door for business." "Cornelius is anticipating..[Walmart to be]...a magnet for consumers throughout the region."

Great open-ended questions: Q4 is my favorite...because it may imply/pay a compliment to us citizens of Cornelius.

Q1: Is Cornelius a barometer for a changing attitude in Oregon toward the controversial, often reviled Wal-Mart? Or is Cornelius, a city facing even more economic carnage than the rest of Oregon, an anomaly?

Q2: As companies and talent leave our beautiful state in abundance for better economic opportunities elsewhere, are communities starting to reject the utopian policies of left-wing ideologues?

Q3: Will we soon see other job-hungry cities putting out the welcome mat to businesses considered odious to the politically correct?

Q4: Or are the no-nonsense, practical people of Cornelius reflective of a new Oregon - where we recognize that our state's magnificence, livability and families cannot be maintained without adequate jobs and economic opportunity?

Q5: Is Oregon's "smart growth" finally being recognized as great for big government but utterly stupid for a hopeful, prosperous Oregon future?

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