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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Super Walmart Update...All the details of the exact building you'd ever want & more

What's 6 feet tall (at a minimum) & 8 feet wide? Give up?

The proposed sign reading "Future Home of Walmart" at Adair/4th Avenue site. Be on the look out. I will be!

Also become familiar with the # 4221, because this will be the designation given to our Cornelius Walmart.

And it's future address is 220 N Adair St, Cornelius, OR, prepare to write your Welcome letters to the future staff & management...because I'm sure in 2010 and beyond you'll be seeing a lot of them.

It contains every single detail of what the site will look like, plans for containing stormwater, the Subway that's planned, Eco-friendly roofing, you name should be able to find it there. I'm big on planning, so I'll probably spent a considerable amount of time browsing through these 100's and 100's of pages...