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Friday, September 11, 2009

Interesting Take on URR

Clark Gallagher, columnist for the Hillsboro Argus writes an inspiring piece on his take of Metro's ideology and an example of what can come of their "Eurocool" take on Land Use Planning.

Excerpts: 1. "...Metro believes one size fits all." 2. ",,,Metro looks like a restrictive land use eco-nerd on steroids. Unabashed, Metro's philosophy is growth should be up -- not out. Everybody should use bikes, light rail, buses, or walk to work. Cars should be discouraged. " 3. "Rural sensibilities [on the Metro Council] are rare. A no-growth attitude willing to push economic development north and south will hamper economic development...Trouble is communities like Cornelius take it on the chin in search for industrial land. That's tough to face when it comes to money to run schools and prop up infrastructure.

Plug: "To get [Metro's] attention you need to get involved in their upcoming public meetings. The only one in Hillsboro is between 2-4 p.m. Monday, Sept. 21, at the Hillsboro Civic Center, Rooms 113B and C. Don't ask why they scheduled it in the middle of a work day. You can figure that out."

Great piece Clark, thanks for the support & new perspective!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Produce little Trash in your Household? Choose WILL CALL service

I recently received my Bill from Cornelius Disposal Service, Inc. (CDS) in the amount of $23.35, the same amount I'd been charged a monthly earlier for using the service every week during the month of July. However August was different...I hadn't taken out any trash, recycling, or yard debris..yet I was still being charged for a full month of service. Why? As it turns out one has to advice CDS before a vacation or times when no service will be requested. If one doesn't do will be charged..understanding no 'actual service' was rendered.

Sounds fishy right? It was to me too. Considering in the past before the new 'fancy containers'...garbage men would log whether service was rendered or not, then charge appropriately.

I'm sorry to say I can't trust this company's policies, accounting, or business practice now. So check your bills...make sure they're accurate and watch for charges that misrepresent reality.

So regrettably I will pay this bill in full to avoid a future argument and making a bigger stink of this situation. Patron Beware!

Note: 'WILL CALL' can be requested. Apparently one can call CDS @ 503-357-3510 and request a day in advance to have Trash picked up during your usual Service Cycle.