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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Radio Talk Show Host Editorial on Cornelius/Walmart Aspirations & Beyond
Time for a Gulp of Wal-Mart Love Potion by Jayne Carroll

Jayne does a great job asking open-ended questions for a political discussion in her editorial today. I'm flattered with her take on it to be honest.

Excerpts/condensed version...

"What a difference a bad economy makes."... "the good folks [of Cornelius] are downright euphoric over [Wal-Mart]." "Not only will Wal-Mart deliver 300 needed new local jobs and millions for street improvements, many Cornelius residents believe the retail giant is the precise economic shot in the arm they desperately need. " "[Most] in Cornelius can't wait until the new megastore opens its door for business." "Cornelius is anticipating..[Walmart to be]...a magnet for consumers throughout the region."

Great open-ended questions: Q4 is my favorite...because it may imply/pay a compliment to us citizens of Cornelius.

Q1: Is Cornelius a barometer for a changing attitude in Oregon toward the controversial, often reviled Wal-Mart? Or is Cornelius, a city facing even more economic carnage than the rest of Oregon, an anomaly?

Q2: As companies and talent leave our beautiful state in abundance for better economic opportunities elsewhere, are communities starting to reject the utopian policies of left-wing ideologues?

Q3: Will we soon see other job-hungry cities putting out the welcome mat to businesses considered odious to the politically correct?

Q4: Or are the no-nonsense, practical people of Cornelius reflective of a new Oregon - where we recognize that our state's magnificence, livability and families cannot be maintained without adequate jobs and economic opportunity?

Q5: Is Oregon's "smart growth" finally being recognized as great for big government but utterly stupid for a hopeful, prosperous Oregon future?

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  1. I'm also looking forward to Walmart in Cornelius. Of course there will be more traffic, but to what extent is uncertain. There is a big question in my mind about what happens with the surrounding empty land near the Walmart site. For years, the undeveloped land just west of the Ace Hardware store in Forest Grove has been left undeveloped with a raised grade of rock (?), and no Haggen supermarket. For years, just across Hwy 47 from Ace Hardware is the vacant land of a once proposed Albertsons supermarket. For years, the area has been waiting for a developer/business to take the initiative, and step up to taking the risk and investment in this area. Now, finally, after Walmart, what becomes of the other undeveloped land. Will the added traffic cause developers to invest in these other areas nearby? Perhaps, the supermarket competition will be saturated, but are there other businesses or malls willing to fill in the land that is now wasting away? It looks like only one new business, a new Taco Bell resturaunt across Adair from the Walmart site, has yet to come in to the area.


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