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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

OH MY Oregonian

What's next? Oprah? =)

Thanks to Casey Parks for how article on the Cornelius Walmart and its future debut in Washington County. Work is certainly underway and I'm part of a growing number of people looking forward to another place to save a little more. Thanks ~ Jose

Cornelius bucks NIMBY trend, embraces Wal-Mart by Casey Parks, the Oregonian

NIMBY = "Not In My BackYard"


  1. Gourmet, a SWM. I no longer have to drive out to the Couve to get my fix for cheap MIC products.

  2. Let me guess, SWM is 'Single White Male', and MIC is 'Made in China', right? I'm leaning towards that being a sarcastic comment. Thanks but no thanks.

  3. I'll still support my local MAP to buy my MIC products! And to not discriminate I'll also shop at my local MAM and PAP too! Also my local SWM, SWF, BBW, etc. stores!


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