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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Update to Urban Reserves
State slams Washington County reserve designation, by Christian Gaston of The Forest Grove News-Times

Commentary: This is basically the same news as I posted last time. Except with a better summary in the FGNT paper. The graphic from the Hillsboro Argus was nice though. ;)

Excerpts: "Forest Grove and Cornelius’s hopes to expand north of Council Creek have been met with controversy, with the Washington County Farm Bureau and 1000 Friends of Oregon pitching steep opposition."

"The foursome – Multnomah County Commissioner Jeff Cogen, Clackamas County Commissioner Charlotte Lehan, Washington County Chairman Tom Brian and Metro Councilor Kathryn Harrington – met last week and developed a list of tentative urban reserve and rural reserve designations."

"The list is more notable for the 27,106 acres of reserves the four didn’t agree on – and subsequently left for further discussion. Land north of Forest Grove and Cornelius, which farming advocates oppose including in urban reserve, land north of Hillsboro and Highway 26 and the Stafford triangle are some of the most notable lands."

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