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Monday, February 9, 2009

City Manager feedback of my Blog

I received feedback from non-other than Cornelius's City Manager Dave Waffle, himself! I'd solicited feedback from the city as to the content of my site.

In Mr. Waffle's email response he shared that "[Cornelius is] expecting Wal-Mart's developer to drop off the construction plans any day now." He also added, "Of course we've expected that for many monthes also."

Commentary: From what I've read, I think the developer is PACLand, apparently the 'go to' construction firm for Wal-Mart in the PacNW.

I'd previously posted that the Cornelius Wal-Mart was proposed to be 204,000 sq.ft...initially I believe it was. Since then the plans have been reduced down to 154,000+. Something about having to change from a storm water detention system, to surface-runoff system with a natural system [which takes up planned surface area].

Reference: "Wal-Mart scales back Cornelius store plans" Feb 11, 2008


  1. I saw the article in the FG News Times. Nice to see the support for Wal-Mart. My family and I also support Wal-Mart and cannot wait for it to open. I too am a Florida transplant and miss having a Wal-Mart close. I'll keep an eye on the blog and look forward to the future.

  2. Why people want to work for Wal-Mart.


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