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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Current Status as of Feb 2009

Search: wal-mart or walmart "cornelius", yields 140,000 results.

Here are the relevant links:

Caption reads: Wal-Mart Alters Design Details; Closer To Breaking Ground on New Supercenter


"We know that residents in Cornelius and throughout Washington County eagerly await the store’s opening, and we’re committed to making that happen as quickly as possible”, said Wal-Mart spokesperson Jennifer Spall. The public will see demolition of vacant homes on the site shortly. Wal-Mart has joined the Cornelius Chamber of Commerce in anticipation of being a part of the local community.


The vacant homes have since been demolished and leveled. A total of 8 homes, it looks like. All that remains are the landscape and piles of trash and belongings. In addition to grass lands there's piles of gravel to walk on. It was a little sad to walk on really, seeing as it once was the footprint of several family's homes. I was especially touched when I walked into someone's previous garden, of which the mini-plastic fencing was still in place. Well these are the sacrifices other make to make way for growth, expansion, and hopeful prosparity.

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