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Friday, February 19, 2010

Final Proposal - Urban & Rural Reserves

I just received notice from Metro that we're in the final stretch of the Urban & Rural Reserves decision. 50 years. That's right 5 0 . That's how mean years ahead the people of the Portland Metro area thought. Areas to be preserved for the Rural Lifestyle and areas for future Urban Growth. I think the goal makes sense...lets do all the hard work upfront on how we want to we make our regions job a little easy for two generations. The people of 2009 and 2010 decided this is how we're to grow til 2060. 2060, what a thought. I hope these guys took into account Flying Cars and Airspace. Haha. :)
As for Cornelius, Oregon...see the map above. This is the Final Proposal - DRAFT 2/18/2010 of Washington County - for Urban & Rural Reserves. In 50 years...we have the 'possibility' of reaching Dairy Creek and border more of the Tualatin in our expansion. SMART Growth, I'm a fan.

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