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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cornelius resident? Vote YES on 2 cent/gall tax

Cornelius residents should vote Yes for the '$0.02 per gallon motor vehicle fuel tax'. Before you go nuts on the t-word, tax, realize that this also comes with a repeal of the Cornelius Streetlight Fee of $2.25/mth. Meaning you'll save that amount ($2.25) on your City utility bill each month. Now, that would mean you would have to buy more than 112.5 gallons of fuel each month before the tax would be a net loss. How is that? $2.25 a month divided by $0.02 per gallon = 112.5 gallons in a month. Like most Cornelius residents we both work outside of town, and together (2 seperate cars - compact) we might use 80 gallons in a month. Still 30+ gallons less from the point where we'd see it as a net loss. Works for us, and it'll work for all those in similar situations, and those that don't drive at all. Our streets & sidewalks can really use a hand...more than that... a facelift...more...a new lease on life. That's more fitting. There should be NO REASON why someone handicap or with a baby-stroller should have to manuever around uneven sidewalks! Everyone deserves to be proud of their community...seeing years of layer after layer of patchwork on our streets is nothing to be proud of. We all have a part in this. Vote YES on Measure 34-174, based on City Ordinance 910. Thanks to Mayor Bash and the City Council with special recognition to Councilor Dalin for their forsight and interest in this matter. Walmart won't be a walk in the park in regards to traffic, we all know it. There's no better time than now to have come up with a way to pay for the accelerated wear & tear our streets will face for the years to come.

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