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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Personal Take on Today's "Field Research"

I must say this is the first time I've actually been excited and anticipating checking out a construction site. It's very personal to see the place you call home and the surrounding areas change, for better or for worse; i.e. beneficial construction or graffiti on the other end. That's the main reason I've taken such an interest in planning, developments, and changes that can & will affect the place I call home today & in the future.

It was refreshing to be out there today on a beautiful Saturday afternoon...experiencing the Change first-hand with some other Cornelius residents I came across in support of the Walmart coming to town. It was nice to talk positively about our City...the progress made on the roadways and Main-Street area of Adair...the lights, the furniture, and all the new sidewalks. Great things to speak of in such gloomy recession minded times.

So I was like a grown-up kid watching his Tonka trucks move around...I describe it as an Onsite CATerpillar Demonstration..I mean...all the types of Machinery you can think of were out there. And these guys are working Fast...pushing dirt...rolling over it...time and time again...spraying water on it...dumping more dirt...non-stop. And to know that this has been going on for just a week or impressive.. All 16 acres of the property look like they've been altered by these machines already. Hard to imagine that this was once thought to be the place for more cul-de-saqs, residences, a road, and several lots. Now that plan and those old homes, and the grass field are gone and soon so will the trees...all to make way for Commerce.

I welcome Walmart because I know it will attract many to at least shop in Cornelius and make us known for something more than the tiny town between Hillsboro & Forest Grove that's 3 miles wide. I don't care that we'll probably be known as the place where 'That Walmart Is". I think we're all in hopes of getting decent restaurants and shops in the area. Making this place we call home more livable and sustainable by the day. Thank you Walmart and welcome to our town of 10-11,000.

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