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Saturday, October 10, 2009

First Video of Photo Set - Walmart Site and Misc.

This is the first of hopefully many videos to come over the next several weeks of construction of our future beloved Walmart. My gf and I drove around the site starting from the NW corner (manufactured home area/fire access entrance)...around through 4th...and finally crossing Adair. The photos I took are basically facing the future 'entrances' to the Walmart. Get a good look of the views and the trees...because they will soon be gone to make way for Walmart.

I had the pleasure of meeting a senior couple that lives near the Northern fence of the property...Pat & Jerry. The nicest people...they're dealing with the pains of Construction literally next to their home - shaking of the plates...engine noise etc. But Pat said she can't wait for "Wally"... its been a long time coming [4-5 years]. Jerry too was taking photos of all the activity.

To describe the environment...they could spray water on bulldozers with a garden hose, they're so close. I let Pat and Jerry in on the plans as I understand them from site-plans...what the view from their house will look like etc. They were truely excited. Til next time. ~Jose

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