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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Plan your Parking Strategy now..Cornelius Walmart ;)

Below is a detailed layout of the Walmart to be constructed, of the Site Overall. In the upper left hand corner you'll notice what appears to be an entrance...yes...however this will only be available to Emergency Vehicles only as the access crosses the Manufactured Homes of several Cornelius Residents. The entrance nearest to the Upper Right Hand Corner was the section of land previous reserved for the entrance to the future Residence plans...BEFORE these 16 acres were rezoned to Commercial Land for Walmart a few years ago. The entrance off of 4th Avenue is the middle-right section of the Picture indicated where the intersection of Barlow Ct & 4th Avenue take place...what is now a 3-way intersection will become a 4-way intersection for the Walmart...tricky part is where the new entrance is planned...there were Houses previously there...who knows how the Utilities situation is to be handled? I'm sure its somewhere buried amongst the 100's of pages of Blueprints. Also to note, they'll be a screening walls of sorts blocking the views of Semi-Trucks to the Forest Grove side of Residences and other partial walls along the North and East parameters. I've also indicated where the Large Sign and Coming Soon sign will be located. And of course the Detention Ponds for Stormwater as well.

Not indicated on this map are the 5-6 acres of lands to be developed for Storm Water removal...that utlimately makes its way safely to the Tualatin...some land due south of this map and west INTO Forest Grove School District territory will be utilized. ODOT and the Railroad people will be involved in these efforts too...because 36" pipe will need to be installed all to channel this future water. THIS HAS to wait until the end of the 2009-2010 school year however ~ June 2010.

Also, the amount of work that will be down to improve the roads of 4th Avenue and Adair to support the Walmart...sidewalks, stormwater installations, and the like.

The order and phases of the work is not well understood to me simply by looking at the guess is the sign permit pulled for the Coming Soon sign will come first.

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