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Friday, September 25, 2009

Cornelius Main Street Celebration (North Side - Adair)

Cornelius will be celebrating the completion of the Adair project b/w the stretch of roadway of 10th->20th Avenues; including sidewalks, underground utilities, lighting, and furniture. It took 10 years to see this to completion, but its certainly worth it! I think it looks great. Can't wait for the renovation spread onto Baseline and all the avenues connecting Adair & Baseline...That's to be seen.

The hardcopy of the Cornelius Master Plan is available as a Reference at the Cornelius Public Library on 14th Avenue / Adair..adjacent to City Hall - Easy to Miss.


  1. Can't Wait For Wal-Mart to Open!

    Every time I come back from Texas from visting my family, the first thing I miss is having a Wal-mart within 3 miles drive. Here in Oregon, we have to drive about 40 miles each way to get to one. With the Wal-Mart opening in Cornelius, we will have one within 7 miles, only. Aside finding cheaper products at it, Wal-Mart also attracts other satellite stores. In Texas for instance, whenever there is a Wal-Mart, there also are several other stores around it. The traffic the Wal-Mart creates helps other businesses as well and, of course, creates JOBS! I just wish other cities would be as smart as Cornelius and not close their doors to potential employeers.

  2. I can say the same, bc I'm originally from Florida. Walmart is very convenient from a one-stop-shop perspective. Some may argue Freddies offers the same option, only problem is they are far more expensive in general than Walmart. So I agree with you I'm glad Cornelius received Walmart with 'open arms'.


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