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Friday, August 6, 2010

Hillsboro Argus article on Cornelius Walmart

By: Kathy Fuller, "Walmart preparing for Cornelius debut", Friday - August 6th, 2010.

A nice little article, checking in on the final developments of our Walmart. Interviews with the Store's Manager on the store design & features and the Cornelius Police Chief on planning for traffic mitigation. All in all, not much new here...

My excerpt of interest :

"Cornelius' new store incorporates many sustainability features, both inside and
outside the store. Outside, there is a jogging path around the store that will
eventually connect to other paths around the city
. The landscaping is native
plants, and drip irrigation is installed, lowering water use. Irrigation is
controlled by a sensor that will adjust watering based on weather conditions.
Inside, the store has many skylights to let in natural light. In addition, light
sensors will adjust the lighting in the store based on the amount of available
natural light. Refrigerator and freezer cases have LED lights instead of the
traditional fluorescent tubes. The heat produced from refrigeration equipment
will be reclaimed and used to heat water for the majority of the store's hot
water needs. "

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