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Friday, July 10, 2009

Rail Corridor to Forest Grove on the BackBurner
Hillsboro Argus article - Kidd upset with Forest Grove rail ranking

The article goes into Mayor Kidd's (Forest Grove) frustration on the ranking of the Forest Grove corridor - on level with a rail to Troutdale. Metro is favoring a corridor between to 2 shopping centers of Washington Square and Clackamas Town Center. The presumption is that building rail in a high density area makes it easier for Federal backing.

Cornelius and Forest Grove can't compete on that basis. Kidd's quick to mention that the Blue Line extension to Forest Grove would be the cheapest of all the corridors to create as the space where the tracks would be are already public (owned by the State of Oregon).

I agree with Mayor Kidd on all counts. However, my thought is Forest Grove is seen as a 'squeaky wheel' is the eyes of the State and Metro. Let's wait and see what happens to traffic once the WalMart is completed and other business attract visitors to the Cornelius's 'bottleneck'. I see a possible worst case scenario: there will be increased automobile traffic...#57 bus route delays...and Emergency Vehicle among other safety concerns...for instance Speeding down country roads with Bicyclists around. 2 lanes westbound and 2 lanes eastbound can only push so many vehicles through. Anyhow...I hope it doesnt come to this before the State thinks its a good idea to invest in its future, and not leave it to the cities burden alone.

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