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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Planning Commission, for me? Hold the applause...

So it looks as though my efforts to publish commentary on Cornelius Developments have gotten some notice. In the span of a few months, I've received feedback from local newspapers, city personnel, Wal-Mart reps, and co-workers (albeit most, if not all, jokingly). was amongst all this interest that I stumbled apon an opening for a spot on the City of Cornelius's Planning Commission. *Trumpets sound* Just kidding.

Honestly, I'm honored to be a part (1/7 to be exact) of the process thats in place to support the City Council and City government as a whole. I look forward to learning the details and behind-the-scenes work that goes on into Land Use approvals, etc. Who wouldn't want to know where there money goes to after its TAXED AWAY? I'm interested. FYI: Planning commission members are volunteer. See? Tax Money saved already. Go Cornelius!

All joking aside, I think I'll have to 'self-censor' most of my commentary going forward in this forum. Seeing as the Planning Commission has Legal Authority and all. Bias, ex parte, and all that jazz, you know?

Too bad for me though...I'll have to return the voucher for lifetime supply of Laundry Detergent courtesy of Wal-Mart. Totally Joking. I wouldn't dare return it! :)

I have to get back to work on my proposal of mandating that residents install Pink Flamingos on their lawns now.

Until next time,
Commisioner Jose
Formerly known as, just plain Jose

P.S.: Please don't hesitate to visit and check for upcoming Planning Commission dates, the public is always welcome to play a part in the process for more perspective. 7 representing 10,000+...we may miss an idea here and there. ;)

The Planning Commission usually meets on the 2nd/4th Tuesdays of the month.

Current Topic: Parks Master Plan, can't remember the name exactly.

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  1. Congratulations on your new position with the planning commission! I haven't seen any pink flamingos in Cornelius yet :)


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